Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking Back as We Think of Gifts from The Heart

I remember our first West Highland White Terrier. She was a rescue and her name was Haylee. She was just 5 years old at the time, and had given birth to 9 LITTERS of puppies!

This is Haylee the 1st day we brought here home with us. She seemed to smile the entire day long. She had never touched her paws on grass before! She was a warm and happy girl once she knew she was going to be able to do and have our attention 24/7. Her first checkup it was discovered she had Acute Congestive Heart Failure. We were just sick. After all she had been thru and now this. We could not have her spayed as her little heart could not take it. We spoiled her rotten. I sewed Halloween outfits for her, a Westie Witch of course, and she WON in a local competition!

Her Potty training took almost 9 months! Something she had never had to learn before. She mastered it!

Her favorite thing to eat was PIZZA! We did not deny her. I know it is bad, but.... you see, we did not know how long this little gift would be with us.
And what a gift she was. I was able to connect with other Westie Lovers and Westie Rescues as well. I had never owned a "small" dog. I have had Labs and Shepherds.

There is such a great need for placing Rescued Animals, and I hope if just one person changes their mind about buying from a pet store or back yard breeder from reading about our Haylee, and her short life she will have made a difference to not only my family put many others.

She passed in my arms 5 years later barely able to walk and just 8 little teeth left. She let out a little cry that sounded like she said, "Momma, Momma!"

We have had many wonderful Westies since and have 2 now named Betty Boo and Candy Corn, they are sisters and were born on Halloween and are our latest little gifts. This picture is when they were 16 weeks old.
Have you considered a Rescue or Shelter for your next family member? I hope you do!
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