Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello Old Friends!

Excuse the horrible picture! Well, I have been on blog land just a bit over a month, reading and reading and drooling over all the New Exciting things all the talented people are doing now.

Since my husband and I closed our bakery, I have just felt kinda lost trying to figure out what to do with myself?! Thanks to everyone I have met and been inspired by I dug in the closet and way in the back was my neglected dusty and very dirty old friends.

I think I am going to get in the storage garage and pull out the Rubbermaid totes with my material and many UFOs etc. next!
Thanks for Everyone and your Great Inspiration!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Such a dreary Saturday!

Even our "Kids" seem to be down in the dumps, Jesse and one of his girls other is under the couch!
It is rainy, dark, windy and down right cold! I think I'm going to make a great big Chicken Pot Pie to warm thing up! Hope everyone has a great Weekend!