Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy One Flower Wednesday!

Welcome to yet another One Flower Wednesday Everyone. I was able to stitch together 6 new flowers this week.

Join the Garden Party
Our goal is to make at least one hexagon flower every Wednesday and watch our gardens grow. The wonderful host of the party is Karen at  Journey of a Quilter  This is my third time to attend and my flower garden now numbers 15... I hope today finds you well and happy!

One Flower Wednesday!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In A Red and Silver Mood

I'm in a kind of Red and Silver mood. Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration!
What kind of Mood are you in?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your Blogs Grab Button!

Do you have a Grab Button? Do you want a Grab Button?

I've been wanting to make mine and it's finally done.
Grab my button from my sidebar and let me know if it works!

Here is what I did, I hope it helps, if you would like to try it let me know if you created your Grab Button and I will post it on my Blog!

1. Choose the image you want to use as your button.
The image should be no larger than 200 pixels wide so it fits most other blogs sidebars etc.

2. Upload your image choice to an image hosting site of your choice. (I used Photobucket.

3. Now, open another browser tab and log into your blogger account. Click on the Design tab and then click on "Add a Gadget" then select HTML/JavaScript.

4. Copy and paste the following code in the text area box:

5. In Photobucket (or wherever you chose to store your button), copy the URL provided by them, and paste it in BOTH places where the code above says YOUR BUTTON LOCATION.

6. Replace the words above in the code YOUR BLOG ADDRESS with...Your true blog address.

7. You can change the size of the code box that will appear for others to copy and paste your code from on their blog by adjusting the numbers,4 stands for how many rows (I have 2 rows)shown and 22 stands for how many columns are shown.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday to the Overseas Gang!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Hexie Garden Grows!

It's my second One Flower Wednesday and I have added 4 Flowers to my little garden. I now have 9 pretty posies... I can't wait to see what others have made this past week.

If you would like to join, look over there in my sidebar at the top and check out the link! Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone and thank you for stopping in today!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Secret Sewing and Hexie Fun!

Long time since I have posted on my blog or anything on the computer for that matter! My poor ol back is giving me fits once again.

Can you keep a secret? I have been doing some secret sewing. Can't let the cat out of the bag yet tho :o(
So for now, I have signed up with Karen where every week at her blog  Journey of a Quilter she has put together a great little program, One Flower Wednesday and gives everyone a chance to share the hexie flowers we have made for the week.

I am making 1 inch hexagons, paper pieced. Here is what I have done so far.  I have put together 5 flowers.

The main print in the flowers is a fabric I have had for too many moons to count! I have learned to stitch in some strange positions to keep my back happy, I won't go into detail on that tho. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thank you Karen for the Hexie garden fun.