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I've been told this is the make it or break it page, I have put off my blogs About Me page for long enough. From my blog Title, you have probably figured out I live in a small city, town actually! The biggest thing here is Wal Mart... Not a huge fan of, but this is our "Shopping Mall"!

Our City Park does not have a single swing, it makes me mad and sad at the same time. Some of my fondest childhood memories were at the swings, (my first kiss, met what would be my best school friend, she taught me sign language, her parents were deaf) If you wanted to meet anyone, you would say, "I'll meet you at The Swings"!

Family is important to me, I am married and have one grown daughter and a wonderful son in law, they in turn have given me 5 grandchildren. UPDATE On January 29th 2015 my oldest granddaughter gave birth to happy healthy TWIN GIRLS!
OMG.... I'm a Great Grandma! Now my crochet hook will be doing double duty..! 

 My husband had a Hemorrhagic stroke in August 2014, just one month after my Dads passing. So, I am now home 24/7. My Mom is only a few streets away and I am very lucky to be at home, but do miss the hustle and bustle of working.

 I have had a varied career path, City Police Officer, Bakery Owner... ha,ha, Yep, I know what your thinking, Police and Donuts....! I love to read, crochet, cook, bake, walk in the woods, (looking for the Morel Mushroom, which I always find, hubby was never good at it!) and talk to my Mom every morning on the phone and our two West Highland White Terriers Betty Boo and Candy Corn (they are sisters and were born on Halloween :-) amongst various other activities!

 I blog about life, crafts, family and things that matter to me and hope you find interesting or insightful. I do hope you enjoy your visit. Feel welcome to contact me... Facebook Twitter Pinterest
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