Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chinese Archaic Ritual Bronze Vessel New Pictures

I am updating post with several new Large, original size pictures, so my blog will be out of wack for this post, as I do not want to increase blog size, thank you for putting up with this :-)
This Chinese Archaic Ritual Bronze Vessel has been in my family for many years and I am hoping by putting it on my blog that someone will be able to help me. I am looking for anyone to point me in the direction of an Asian Art Appraiser.

14th Century Ming ?
Tall narrow neck and flaring foot
20 inches tall
Research on symbols of Cicadas, Dragon and Masks

As I am seeking a Certified Appraisal Report. Any information on such an individual will be very appreciated. We have made a few contacts in the past, which I have listed below. The purpose in this search is we would like to eventually sell this piece.

In January 2000, photos were sent to Indianapolis Museum of Art and Mr. James Robinson, Curator Asian Art felt it could date from the late 14th century/Ming dynasty 1368-1644. He states it has more restraint than most later examples from the Qing dynasty 1644-1911.

October of 1999 we received a Retail Replacement Value for Insurance coverage, not a Certified Appraisal Report from Blackard and Geiger, Ltd.
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